My Name is Andrew Barton MBA. I have written Blogs, training manuals and papers, but most of my life has been in the business world. I have personally started many successful companies and hired trained and mentored thousands of employees during my career. I have personally used Online Learning since the inception of the Internet 20 years ago and I have taken many study courses in numerous disciplines such as Accounting, Business Management and Marketing.  Being 47 years old, when I attended school, the best we had was the use of a calculator. I left school, when I was 15 years old and first took  a further education course in the early 90’s to re took  my A levels,  this was a paper based course which was sent to me by the old postal service. The advancements of technology has made learning and education so simple today and only recently, I completed my MBA online from Harvard university  Cambridge MA in the United States… I have never even been to the United States.  I say this to the people who work for me, Learn and Learn, more, if you gain knowledge you gain success and there are no barriers to knowledge. If you don’t know something and you are passionate about learning, take a study course Online it is simple.