We are a world of many cultures and we have migrated to other countries and cities in the pursuit of knowledge and learning , communication and the internet has allowed us to take our culture our language across the world and Online learning  is the catalyst that provides interaction with other cultures and people. Students from far away, places migrate to the developed world, in search of knowledge. Universities colleges and schools across the globe cater to students from many different cultures. Students seek out the best education they can find, through Online Study and Vocational courses. An online learning course may sound like you never leave your home; this is just not the case, online courses travel with you. You may be a student in a foreign country but require continuation of your home country studies; this is Online learning in the real world. Enhance your Skills, languages, translations, while you travel or live in a foreign country. Courses and information which you will need, whilst studying other subjects, at your fingertips. Online Studying is portable to wherever you are, and can still be continued online.