We know that classrooms and schools can be daunting places, and this is often the reason we don’t want to study. The fact that you have to attend a classroom may fill you with feelings of fear or dread and is often the reason why we don’t take more education or learn a new skill. There are many people of different age groups or gender or people, who may have a physical disability. There are millions of people who want to study and learn, but feel threatened or uncomfortable in a traditional classroom environment. Online learning allows people to study without feeling discriminated against or disadvantaged. They may not be able to attend a normal college and then miss out on the opportunity to study something they love. Taking a study class online builds confidence and opens a new world for all to be creative enhance abilities and skills. To build imagination and ingenuity in hobbies and subjects that are of interest like photography or art or take the next step in your career with an online business course, gain your MBA or Doctorate. Professional courses provide Diplomas and Certificates that will be recognised worldwide. Online courses have benefits to the many not the few and enrolling in a course has never been so easy.