New technology using Online Cloud based course software, are used to provide virtual online classrooms that you can attend in your own time and conduct your studies around your everyday life and commitments.  Online communications allow expert teachers from across the world to teach your chosen subject. You can email or even discuss topics live, whilst learning. In the business world technology and web based applications have been taken a stage further. There are training courses for company employees that allow full global business simulations. You can run your own global business from the finance to the manufacturing and logistics, make real business decisions that can be measured on real market conditions set within the software.  Learning and studying online has never been so easy or accessible, due to developments in internet speed and massive data clouds that can hold millions of secure individual information. The transfer of documents and information happens in seconds. Only 10 years ago you would have struggled to learn, in a real time environment using a computer.  The so called; Online study courses were delivered by post, for you to complete and then send your work back, for answers or a teacher, to mark and provide results. This does not need to happen anymore, It’s’ REAL TIME LEARNING. Virtual online study courses have been created and are attended daily by millions of students just like you.  People who want to learn online and improve their knowledge or qualifications to get a better job. If you really want to learn or study online be assured the technology is here and the time is now, to take advantage and improve your skills.