When you join an online learning course or virtual classroom, the main priority of the teachers, universities and organisations that provide these courses, is to provide the full information required in a format that is easy to use. These online classrooms are interactive and speed up the learning process. Online Studying in a classroom environment with new hosted software allows a real time classroom, with a teacher and the immediate transfer of ideas and information. You have Interaction with others on your course, as well as the dedicated course teacher and the ability to ask questions and answer your queries. Written instructions are built in for your reference online papers and books you can read. You have a whole online library at your fingertips. There are many courses available, from an MBA to a knitting course, whatever your aspirations. Online learning is a simple easy and cost-effective way, for both teaching organisations such as colleges and universities as well as the students to gain or provide teaching environments for you to learn online. Whether it is for business to improve your current or future career prospects, or just a personal development course you will find many that are hosted by real professors from real universities across the globe, famous colleges and universities provide diplomas and professional qualifications. Courses vary in price but are very good value.  Classes vary in size, but because they web based you feel like you are in the classroom with your teacher and fellow students. Online study papers at the click of a mouse, reference books that are relevant and the whole course is laid out in front of you from A-Z.